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We provide traditional funeral services, custom funeral services, and cremation services.
May 5, 2014 | | ,
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Leak and Sons are the best. My father passed in 1984, my mother in 2002 and my sister in 2014 and I must say, well done to Leak and Sons, My love ones looked as if they were only sleeping, the makeup was perfect. This is my first time providing a review, I felt that everyone should know how well Leak and Sons took care of my sister's remains and my family in a time of need. I was lost, calling around to funeral homes in Georgia and airlines to find one that shipped remains. I got so frustrated, then I called Leak and Sons because I knew I wanted them to prepare my sister for her funeral. My God, they took care of everything for me. The notified a funeral home in Georgia to embalm and ship, they even made sure my sister was picked up on the same day she made her transition because I did not want her to go to the county. The prices I was quoted by the funeral homes in Georgia and the airlines was twice the cost Leak and Sons charged. As I and my other love ones make our transitions best believe that Leak and Sons will handle our services.