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Planning Ahead for Your Own Funeral

After a loved one passes away, it can be extremely stressful for the surviving family members to make funeral arrangements. In the midst of coping with loss, they are faced with major decisions and often left guessing about what their lost loved one would have wanted. You can save your family from this kind of stress by pre-planning your own funeral. Pre-planning funeral arrangements gives your loved ones the peace of mind of knowing that they are honoring your wishes and spares them from having to make big choices at a stressful time. These tips will help you as you plan your service.

Choose a Funeral Home

Funeral homes often offer pre-planning assistance, so choose a funeral home that you would like to work with and that you think will provide the most help to your family after you’re gone. It’s a good idea to choose a funeral home with a long-standing reputation of service in your community so you can feel confident that they will still be around when the time for your funeral comes.

Put Things in Writing

Help your loved ones by putting all aspects of your funeral plan in writing. This includes the arrangements that you have made with the funeral home as well as any special elements you would like to be included in your service, such as specific music, certain readings, or your suggestions for pallbearers. In addition to putting things in writing, be sure to communicate with your loved ones about your plans so they know that you have made these arrangements.

Consider Pre-Payment

It’s possible to pre-pay for all or part of your funeral service. This can help your loved ones cope with the costs of funeral arrangements after your passing. Before you pre-pay, ask the funeral home what happens if you move and what exactly your money is paying for.

Leak & Sons Funeral Homes would be pleased to answer your questions about pre-planning funeral arrangements in Chicago, IL. We can also help your family if you have recently lost a loved one. To learn more, please call (773) 358-1606.

What to Say to a Friend Who Has Lost a Loved One

It’s not unusual to be at a loss for words after a loved one passes away, but it can be hard not to know what to say to a friend who is coping with loss of his own. You may also be afraid of intruding, saying the wrong thing, or making your friend feel even worse. However, as a friend, you can provide much-needed comfort and support with just a few, honest words. The best place to start is by saying how sorry you are for their loss, and to make sure your friend knows that you are here for him or her.

If your friend is going through a hard time, contact Leak & Sons Funeral Homes. In addition to our funeral services, we provide grief support counseling that can help your friend cope with the pain of losing a loved one. If you have any questions about our grief support services in Chicago, IL, please call us at (773) 358-1606.

How to Pay for Funeral Expenses

Funeral expenses can vary dramatically from one funeral to the next depending on the specific and personalized funeral arrangements made in advance of the service. Though some families pay out-of-pocket at the time of the funeral, others assign life insurance benefits to the funeral home to pay for expenses. You may also pre-arrange and pre-pay for a funeral in advance of the death. This video talks more about funeral expenses and how to pay for them.

Before you stress about funeral expenses, visit Leak & Sons Funeral Homes in Chicago, IL. Our funeral directors will go over every detail and help you make the most appropriate and affordable funeral arrangements for your loved one. Our funeral home offers quality services at much lower prices than the national average, and we will never turn a family away because of a lack of funds. Visit our website to learn more about our funeral services or call us at (773) 358-1606 to begin planning your loved one’s traditional funeral.

A Straightforward Guide to Making Funeral Arrangements

Coping with the loss of a friend or family member can take months or even years to get over. Although it’s not easy, it’s important that you find the strength and resolve to plan your loved one’s funeral as quickly as possible after death. Working with a funeral home in Chicago, IL can make things easier, as can this straightforward guide on planning a funeral.

Arrange Deceased Transfer

The “first call” is made to arrange for transportation of the deceased from the place of death to a funeral home or other funeral service facility. In some cases, a second transfer may need to be arranged to transport the deceased to another local funeral home or to another city for burial.

Plan Funeral Services

Once the deceased is moved to a funeral home, you will need to begin planning the funeral services. Planning a funeral involves making decisions concerning ceremonies, attendees, and the final disposition of the body. If you don’t know where to begin, consult one of the funeral directors at the funeral home.

Purchase Burial or Entombment Space

Unless your loved one had already purchased or inherited cemetery property, you will need to meet with a cemetery representative to purchase a burial or entombment space. However, this may not be necessary if your loved one wished to be cremated and you do not plan on committing his or her ashes to the earth. Again, the funeral director can help you make these arrangements.

If you’re coping with grief and loss, the compassionate funeral directors at Leak & Sons Funeral Homes can help you plan a touching funeral service for your loved one. We have provided funeral services to countless families in Chicago, IL since 1933. Please contact us online or call us at (773) 358-1606 to learn more about our funeral home.

Understanding Traditional Funeral Services

Traditional funeral services are the most popular type of funeral service in America. Traditional services afford ample time for loved ones to say goodbye and pay their respects to surviving family members. And although traditional funeral services are more structured than other types of services, they provide a tremendous amount of flexibility in the ways to celebrate the life of the deceased. If you are planning a traditional funeral in Chicago, IL, this article will give you a head start before you meet with someone to discuss the funeral arrangements.

Key Components

A traditional funeral usually consists of four key components: the visitation, the funeral service, the committal service, and the reception. The visitation is usually held at the funeral home the morning or night before funeral service. The duration of the visitation depends on the number of attendees and anyone else in the community who would like to pay their respects. Following the funeral service, the deceased will be buried or cremated. Finally, guests will meet somewhere quiet (usually someone’s home) for a reception.


Traditional funerals are more structured than other types of services, but there are plenty of opportunities to personalize the service to honor and celebrate the life of the deceased. For example, you have choices when it comes to the casket, flower arrangements, eulogies, and religious readings during the funeral and committal services. Another small gesture that can help those dealing with feelings of grief and loss is to incorporate small touches at the reception that pay respect to the deceased, such as a platter of his favorite food or playing her favorite song.

If a loved one has recently passed away, get in touch with the compassionate funeral planners at Leak & Sons Funeral Homes. We can help your family cope with the loss of a loved one by helping you arrange a traditional funeral. Call our Chicago funeral home at (773) 358-1606 to get started on your loved one’s funeral arrangements.

How to Choose Music for a Funeral

When you are making funeral arrangements in Chicago for yourself or a loved one, an important aspect is choosing music. If possible, choose music that reflects on the decedent’s life or personality or a song he or she loved. Ask family members if they have any particular songs in mind that remind them of the decedent. Consider a short verbal introduction to give the funeral guests to explain the importance of the particular music.

A more meaningful approach may be to ask a friend or family member to sing or perform at the funeral service. Try to steer clear of particularly somber music, and consider music that instead uplifts and comforts the guests, as well as stimulates memories of the decedent. When choosing music, be sure that the content of the song is appropriate. Instrumental music is also a nice choice for creating a soft mood or bringing back fond memories.

Leak & Sons Funeral Home of Chicago can help you with your funeral arrangements, as well as provide a range of services and grief support. When you are ready to get started, call (773) 358-1584 or visit us online.

Adhering to Proper Funeral Etiquette

Funerals are a way to celebrate the life of a loved one or friend and get closure once they’ve passed. Family members appreciate the guests who come to show support, especially if they bring flowers or words of comfort. When attending a funeral service in Chicago or a vigil it is important to remember that it is a formal event and a certain level of etiquette involved.

Watch this video to learn the appropriate ways to dress and behave at a funeral. It is recommended that you stay at the service for at least 15 minutes, in order to pay your full respects. Attending the burial is another way to show the family support.

Leak & Sons Funeral Homes of Chicago is here to help with all of your funeral needs. For more information about our grief support and funeral services, please call (773) 358-1584 or visit us online.

Steps for Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral

It’s important to have an idea of what you want for your funeral in case the time comes before expected. There can be a lot of planning that goes into a funeral, and the responsibility often falls on the survivors. It can help tremendously if you’ve already laid out a plan for your loved ones ahead of time. If you’re thinking about your own funeral arrangements in Chicago, read on to learn how to navigate the process.

Talk to Your Loved Ones

The first step to planning your funeral arrangements is to bring home the conversation about possible plans. Death is certainly a hard topic and it is easy to put off having the conversation with those who might be responsible. Talking about it sooner rather than later is best. Planning ahead can save you and your family a lot of potential costs. You can discuss different cultural or religious traditions you’d like to include, as well as what kind of burial or visitation you want.

Look at Your Different Options

It is your right to be cared for when you die in any way that is meaningful to you. When it comes to funerals, there are a lot of options for how the deceased are cared for and buried. You can look at a wide range of caskets, urns, embalming options, and gravesites. It is a good idea to get a sense of what you’d like before talking to a funeral director, but the director can help you find more options, too.

Finalize Your Plans

Once you’ve decided on a funeral home and what you’d like your funeral to look like, it’s time to discuss your plans with your family. Let them know your wishes and what you’ve learned from talking with a funeral director. Put your ideas into writing and include it in a funeral planning kit so that your loved ones know where to find it. Remember that there are plenty of services available to help you and your family plan, as well as to cope with grief.

When you’ve decided it’s time to plan a funeral, the staff at Leak & Sons Funeral Homes of Chicago is here to help. We offer pre-planning services, as well as grief support for all involved. For more information about our services, please call (773) 358-1584 or visit us online.

A Look at Catholic Funeral Traditions

Funeral traditions have changed in many different ways over the years. Modern practices have evolved past religious ceremonies, but many people still choose a traditional Catholic funeral. Even though the deceased and family may not be Catholic, this type of funeral follows the usual traditions. If you’re thinking about funeral services in Chicago, here’s what you should know about Catholic funeral traditions.

Vigils and Mass

The vigil, or wake, is a ceremony held before the service where friends and family gather to pay respects to the loved one. It is commonly held at a funeral home or church, but can also be held in the family’s home. A casket holding the deceased is often available for visitation, and a priest is present to lead prayer. Flowers provided by the guests or funeral home adorn the casket, and some families may choose to display photos. In the Catholic tradition, a mass, which is the funeral service, will follow the next day. Here, a priest will read opening rites, the liturgies of the word, and final concluding rites.

Type of Music

Music is an important part of Catholic funerals, as the music serves as a way to usher the deceased into the next stage of life. There is some debate about whether secular music should be played, and most funerals in this tradition feature religious music. The chosen music is preferably uplifting and hopeful, with images of resurrection and everlasting life. Often a funeral will have a choir or small orchestral group perform, and the audience is usually invited to sing along.

Kinds of Burial

In the past, the Catholic tradition banned cremation and displaying cremated remains at the funeral, but that ban has since been lifted. Body burial is still the most common practice in Catholic traditions. At the gravesite, a priest will officiate a short ceremony. Then the priest leads prayers and a blessing of the grave with holy water before the body reaches its final resting place.

When it is time to arrange a service with a funeral home, get in touch with Leak & Sons Funeral Homes of Chicago. We gladly support any type of funeral service. For more information about our services and grief support call (773) 358-1584 or visit us online.

The Meaning Behind Funeral Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are often a part of funeral services in Chicago, IL, including both traditional funeral ceremonies and more personalized funeral options. While flowers unarguably bring beauty and serenity to a funeral, floral arrangements also hold special meanings as well.

In this video, you will learn more about the meaning behind the floral arrangements seen at funeral services. Understanding these meanings can help you choose the appropriate flowers when making funeral arrangements. Carnations hold various meanings based on color, such as strength, remembrance, and truth. Chrysanthemums are often used in funeral arrangements as a sign that the family is coping with grief over the loss of their loved one.

At Leak & Sons Funeral Homes, we are here to help you create a dignified and personalized funeral to commemorate the life of a loved one. Please visit us online or call (773) 358-1606 for more information about our Chicago funeral home.

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