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Writing an Obituary for a Departed Loved One

An obituary serves as a community notice of your loved one’s death. In another sense, it’s also a lasting documentation of the deceased legacy, something that people might come across years from now in a newspaper or Internet search. Because of these functions, it’s important to know what information should always be included when writing an obituary.

In this informative web clip, you’ll learn what to put in an obituary, including the deceased’s name, date of birth, date of death, the survivors of the deceased, and the details of the funeral ceremony. Learn what additional information, like life history, you can include in an obituary if you wish.

For a funeral home that will help you submit an obituary or death notice, contact Leak & Sons Funeral Home. We have years of experience providing compassionate end-of-life services. Call us at (773) 846-6567 for more information.

Services to Look For in a Funeral Home During Your Time of Need

Trouble Sleeping

The funeral home you choose to handle end-of-life services can make a huge difference in a difficult time. Consider the nature of the staff, the quality of the services offered, and any helpful options the funeral home makes available to you during this difficult process.

Compassionate Staff

A good funeral home staff will be committed to honoring your loved one with dignified services. Look for a funeral home with years of experience and a good reputation in the community. Read customer reviews and visit each funeral home’s website.

A Variety of Services

You’ll want to have a wide range of end-of-life services available to you in your time of need. Consider the services the funeral home offers, including casket and urn selections, customizable memorials, and help with preparing all the documents associated with the passing away of your loved one.


Find a funeral home that will provide you with several transportation options. The funeral director should arrange for family transportation to and from services and provide you with access to a limousine if you desire.

Help with End-of-Life Paperwork

A good funeral home will have a good funeral director, one who will help ensure compliance with government regulators, obtain a certified copy of the death certificate, compose and submit media notices, and complete social security papers. Help with these responsibilities is more than valuable during funeral planning process.

Connections to Grief Support

Your funeral home should be able to put you in touch with grief resources and counseling services at your request. Compassionate funeral homes have made connections with these organizations through years of helping their clients through the bereavement process. If a funeral home or director offers this kind of assistance, you can be confident you’ve chosen a facility that cares.

To get help planning a funeral from a respected and experienced funeral home, contact Leak & Sons Funeral Homes in Chicago. Our funeral services include burials, cremations, embalming, and traditional or custom memorials. Call us at (773) 846-6567 for more information.


5 Resources to Help Someone You Love Through a Loss

Holding Hands

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, then you’re familiar with the intense feeling of grief and helplessness associated with mourning. When it comes to saying goodbye, it helps to organize a respectful funeral or memorial service. For more information, call Leak & Sons Funeral Homes at (773) 846-6567.   

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Understanding the Proper Etiquette of a Funeral Service

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Though a funeral service can be a fitting farewell to a deceased loved one, many of us are put off by the solemn emotions inherent in such occasions. It’s easy to feel uncomfortable or find yourself at a loss for words at a funeral. Still, attending a funeral is simpler than you think. Here’s a brief guide to proper funeral service etiquette:

  • Expression of Sympathy

Many of us feel pressured to offer wisdom or advice to those our grieving friends. If you have a good piece of advice, that’s great; if you don’t, you shouldn’t worry about it. A simple “I’m sorry for your loss” is often enough. If the bereaved wants to speak with you about his feelings, you should be sure to listen carefully and offer the appropriate response, though silence is fine, too.

  • Offering a Gift

If you feel as if the bereaved would appreciate a gift, you should bring one to the funeral. If you’re unsure of what sort of gift to bring, just bring flowers. You should also include a card, so the bereaved know who the gift is from.

  • Respectful Silence

Before and after the funeral service, you should speak in a low voice and behave in a subdued manner. During the funeral service, you should give the speaker your undivided attention at all times and maintain respectful silence. If someone makes a joke or tells an amusing anecdote about the deceased, it’s okay to laugh.

  • Dress Code

The dress code changes from funeral to funeral. Though simple, black clothing is traditional, funerals these days tend to be more open. If the dress code isn’t specified on the funeral announcement, you should wear a modest, semi-formal outfit with muted colors.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one in the Chicago area and need help planning a tasteful funeral service, contact Leak & Sons Funeral Homes. Whether you’re planning a traditional funeral, or a more casual memorial service, our respectful funeral directors can lend a hand. For more information, call us at (773) 846-6567. 

What is Grief or Bereavement?

After the loss of a loved one, you often hear words like “grief” or “bereavement.” Though you probably have a basic understanding of these words, you may not be clear on their explicit meanings.    

In this short video, motivational speaker David Kessler discusses the concepts of grief and bereavement. Grief, he says, is the emptiness or sadness felt in the wake of losing a loved one, while bereavement refers to a period of time during which grief is felt.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, contact Leak & Sons Funeral Homes. One of our respectful funeral directors can arrange a funeral or memorial that will help you and your loved ones find closure. For more information, call us at (773) 846-6567.     

Use These Tips To Help A Friend Who Has Recently Lost a Loved One

Young girl in sorrow with a friend consoling her

If a friend of yours has recently suffered a heartbreaking loss, then you’re probably feeling the effects yourself. Watching someone close to you experience deep grief can be almost as hard as the grief itself. As a friend, you can provide comfort and support during this time of loss. Here are a few ways you can help a friend cope with the death of a loved one:

Be There! In order for your friend to cope with loss, you should remind him of all the people who are still in his life—yourself included. Being there doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be present for every moment of the day; in fact, there will be times when your friend wants to be alone. Simply make yourself available to talk, no matter how complicated your own life is. 

Pay Attention! Since everyone deals with grief differently, you should pay careful attention to your friend’s behavior. This involves listening carefully to his or her words, keeping an eye on living conditions, and gauging the general outlook. During this time, you should take talk of suicide extremely seriously and push your friend toward professional help if this occurs.

Offer Help! You should frequently ask your grieving friend if there’s anything you can do. This could be something as big as helping plan the funeral, or as small as doing the dishes. Even a small gesture can help your friend realize that he still has people who love and care.

If you’re currently helping a friend make funeral arrangements, contact Leak & Sons Funeral Homes. A carefully-planned funeral or memorial service can help your friend accept the loss of a loved one and move on. For more information, call us at (773) 846-6567.  

These Resources Will Help The Tough Task of Funeral Planning

Planning a funeral requires a long list of tough decisions. Thankfully, families don’t face to face these choices on their own. Professional funeral home services can help mitigate administrative tasks in the most trying times. Contact Leak & Sons Funeral Homes at (773) 846-6567 to learn more.

Financial Aid Available to Assist With Funeral Services

Money talk

Funeral costs may be the last thought on your mind in the wake of a loved one’s passing. However, tackling these considerations immediately will allow your family to grieve. Follow these steps in order to locate additional funding sources for the funeral.

Know The Costs. Determining the exact cost of a funeral is an important part of acquiring necessary funds. The funeral’s operating fee, the cost of the service, and transfer of remains are required costs. The rest of your costs will depend on your choice to bury or cremate the remains of your loved one. The cremation route will include the cost of the actual cremation and an urn. A more traditional burial will include the cost of the casket, plot, and grave labor. Communicate your desires and concerns with a funeral director. Funeral homes are likely to offer special payment plans to meet the financial situation of all types of families.

Look Into Government Funds. Survivors are likely to identify resources for funding their loved one’s funeral through various tax-supported avenues. The Social Security Administration, for example, offers stipends toward funeral expenses for qualifying members and their surviving loved ones. Likewise, many veterans are eligible for support from the Department of Veteran Affairs. Your state may also provide specific resources to support low-income families trying to afford a funeral. Use online resources or consult your funeral home director for more information.

Look Into Private Assistance. Insurance companies and community organizations also offer opportunities to subsidize a loved one’s funeral. Many life insurance plans include provisions for funeral costs. Review the deceased kin’s insurance records to determine if a claim for funeral expenses can be made. Local charities and churches often set aside money to support funeral costs. If your loved one was a member of a congregation, contact their office for information on funeral cost funding.

Visit Leak & Sons Funeral Homes for more information on funding and planning a funeral. Dial (773) 846-6567 to find out how these decisions can be settled in advance with pre-planning.

Funeral Planning: How to Plan a Funeral

Like any important event, planning a funeral requires foresight and preparation. This eHow.com video is a great resource for bereaved family members trying to focus their plans.

Funeral Arts and Sciences professor Steve Spann lists the most important details that must be considered when planning a funeral. He highlights key factors like type of funeral, date, and service. Viewers are also informed of the benefits of making these arrangements in advance.

Preparing for a funeral is often portrayed as an exclusively somber experience. However, funeral plans can also be used as a positive tribute to the memory of a late loved one.

Leak & Sons Funeral Homes are dedicated to helping your family honor deceased loved ones with compassionate professionalism. Learn more about our services with a call to (773) 846-6567.

The Tasks Involved in Arranging a Funeral Service

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After the death of a family member, it can be difficult to arrange the details of a funeral. Resolving these details quickly is the best way to ensure that ceremony is worthy of your beloved. Review these funeral service factors to help plan your funeral. 

Contact a Funeral Director. Begin the process by contacting a local funeral home. Inquire about their operating costs, services, and fees. Generating a few prospective budgets will help your family match personal needs with financial viability. A funeral home can help you to acquire death certificates and move the remains. You may also want to write and submit an obituary. Families should also communicate religious preferences during this stage of the arrangement.

Decide on Details. Determining the logistics of a funeral will be simple if a loved one left a list of explicit instructions. Relay this information to the funeral director to guarantee the wishes of the deceased are met to the letter. If this information is not available, consult close kin and family friends for input on funeral details. Determine if your loved one would have preferred a traditional burial, entombment, or cremation. Next, decide who will speak during the funeral service, what music will be played, and when it will be held.

Make It Personal. Many utilize the ceremony as a celebration of the deceased loved one’s life. This brighter tone may also serve as a positive grieving tool for family and friends. Incorporate the loved one’s favorite music, foods, hobbies, and pastimes into the ceremony’s design. Encourage those speaking at the ceremony to highlight humorous or touching anecdotes in their speech. This personalization can also be extended to the presentation of the body. Try to reflect an aspect of your loved one’s personality in each component of the ceremony.

A well planned funeral is a great way to honor the life of a precious family member. Consider your service options with a call to Leak & Sons Funeral Homes at (773) 846-6567 today.

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