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You Don't Have to Take the Loss of a Loved One Alone. Here Are Some Helpful Resources.

Depression and Sorrow

Have you found taking a look at our recent blog posts, which have discussed the obituary writing and funeral pre-planning processes, to be helpful? If you are looking to explore either of these topics further, the following resources may be of interest to you. To begin planning the funeral of a loved one or to make advanced arrangements for your own funeral in the Chicago area, call Leak & Sons Funeral Homes at (773) 846-6567!

Is Pre-Planning Your Funeral Right For You?

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As knowledge of the benefits afforded by pre-planning a funeral becomes more widespread, more and more people are choosing to make advanced arrangements for their burial and memorial services. Choosing to make funeral plans in advance is a smart decision for just about anyone. If you are trying to decide whether or not to make pre-need funeral fans, then examine the advantages of pre-need planning has over at-need planning.

Control Your Own Funeral

Do you already know how you would like to be laid to rest after you have passed on from this life? When you pre-plan your funeral, you can choose how your body will be handled, where your body or cremated remains will be buried or stored, and plan just about any aspect of your service for which you have a preference.

Spare Loved Ones Stress

When you make arrangements for your funeral in advance, your loved ones will not have to make important decisions that they feel uncertain about while coping with your absence from their lives. Pre-planning your funeral will relieve your loved ones of several responsibilities they would otherwise have and allow them to spend time grieving your loss and honoring your memory in their own way.

Financial Clarity and Savings

Pre-planning a funeral is oftentimes cheaper than making at-need plans. It also provides you with the opportunity to pay for your funeral in advance and relieve others of bearing the financial costs associated with your funeral.

Live at Ease

You may still have years of living left to do; but by pre-planning your funeral you can experience invaluable peace of mind during those years, knowing that your post-life arrangements are already in order. None of your loved ones will have to deal with unnecessary stress, and you can be assured that you will be laid to rest in the manner of your choosing.

If you are searching for a Chicago funeral home with a wealth of resources for pre-planning funerals, look no further than Leak & Sons Funeral Homes. Our online pre-plan request form makes the process of arranging your funeral in advance as simple as it can possibly be. To speak with a helpful member of our team, call (773) 846-6567.

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

For many people, coping with the death of a lover, a close friend, or a relative is the greatest challenge that life confronts us with. If you have recently lost a loved one, you may find this video clip to be helpful.

Featuring a professional who has extensive experience working with people who are in mourning, this video will help you understand that grief is a process that is different for everyone. Because of this, there is no clear trajectory that you can expect the grieving period to lead you down. There is no single method of coping with loss that works equally well for everyone.

Many individuals, however, find participation in a grief support group or meeting one-on-one with a counselor to be helpful in learning to live without a loved one. Leak & Sons Funeral Homes, a full-service Chicago funeral home, offers clients with access to a variety of grief support services. Call (773) 846-6567 to learn more!

Writing an Obituary for Your Lost Loved One

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A thoughtful and well written obituary is an important part of the funeral planning process, as well as being one of a handful of tributes through which you can publicly honor the memory of a loved one. Writing an obituary, however, is not always easy. Here is some advice that can help you work smoothly and feel confident about the obituary you write for your recently deceased loved one.

Gather Information

If you feel like you are not sure where to start when writing an obituary, it can be helpful to compile information about your loved one in a single place. Check official documents, rack your brain, and speak with others until you have accurate information about your loved one’s life, family, career, birth, and death.

Create an Outline

Once you have collected vital data and biographical information about your loved one, decide what details are most appropriate and use these details to create an outline. Most obituaries include the full name of the deceased, his or her date or birth and death, the names of surviving family members, accomplishments and career highlights, and information about when and where burial or memorial services are to be held.

Write a Draft

Use your outline to write a first draft of the obituary. It may be helpful to look at templates online or made available by your funeral service provider. After you have written a draft and read it through, have someone else who knew your loved one look over it and provide you with input.

Revise and Publish

Incorporate any of the feedback you receive from a friend or family member of the deceased, and publish the obituary. The funeral home you are working with may be able to recommend local newspapers or publications you may wish to contact about publishing the obituary.

Are you a Chicago area resident who is looking for a funeral home that can help walk you through the obituary writing process and print your obituary for you? Call Leak & Sons Funeral Homes at (773) 846-6567 to learn about our obituary services and the full range of funeral planning assistance we provide.

5 Funeral Resources: Selecting an Urn, Planning a Funeral, and More!

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Our recent blog posts have discussed the urn selection process and the delegation of funeral planning responsibilities between a funeral director and the family of a loved one. If you would like to research either of these topics further, the following resources may be of interest to you. To work with a dedicated and experienced funeral service provider in the Chicago area, call Leak & Sons Funeral Homes at (773) 846-6567.

  • Learn more about what a funeral director does by reading this job description, provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.
  • Explore various urn styles and materials with the help of this Yahoo! Voices article.
  • Provided by the New York State Department of Health, this consumer’s guide to planning a funeral has advice that is germane to individuals planning a funeral in any state.
  • For some helpful tips on selecting a casket or urn for your loved one, visit funeralhomesguide.com.
  • Visit FuneralPlan.org to learn more about making funeral plans for a loved one or pre-arranging your own funeral.

What to Consider When Choosing an Urn for Your Lost Loved One


The process of planning a funeral requires family members to make several important decisions pertaining to a loved one’s final rest. The knowledge that many of these decisions are permanent, combined with a desire to lay a loved one to rest in the most honorable manner, can place a great deal of pressure on those who are doing the decision-making.

One major decision facing individuals whose loved one will be cremated is the selection of a proper burial urn. This is a decision that does not have to be permanent, but should be treated as if it were. To ensure that you select an appropriate urn for your loved one’s cremated remains, consider the following:


Common urn materials include stone, metal, glass, and wood. When choosing a material, the most important factors to consider are the place in which your loved one’s urn will be displayed and the appearance of the urn. Choose an urn that your loved one would have approved of, and make sure that the material it is made of will endure in the setting in which it is displayed. If the urn will be stored inside, your options are extensive. If you plan to display the urn in an outdoor garden, you should choose a durable stone material.


The urn you select for the storage of your loved one’s ashes should be large enough to store all of your loved one’s cremated remains, but it should also fit comfortably in the display case or other location in which it will be stored.


Urns come in a variety of shapes, ranging from traditional concave urns to ultra-personalized cowboy boots, stuffed animals, dolphins, or sports insignias. When deciding on the shape of the urn in which you will store your loved one’s ashes, consider his or her personality and the location of your home or garden where you plan on displaying the urn.


If you intend to transport your loved one’s ashes frequently, you should choose a box urn or other urn that will not shatter if it is dropped.

At Leak & Sons Funeral Homes in Chicago, we offer our clients with a variety of urn options to choose from. For assistance on choosing an urn that is not only appropriate but also ideal for the storage of your loved one’s ashes, call us at (773) 846-6567.

Use this App for Help with Funeral Planning

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Planning a funeral and memorial service is a highly involved process, one which many individuals are not equipped to take on in the midst of mourning a loved one’s loss. To help individuals get through the planning process with confidence in the important decisions they make concerning the handling of their loved ones’ bodies, Thrive ID, LLC created this organizational funeral app.

If you have no idea what your first steps should be following a loved one’s death, this app can help you get started. With a suggested to-do list containing more than 90 items, Funeral Notebook can continue to serve as a useful tool throughout the funeral planning process.

At Leak & Sons Funeral Homes in Chicago, we understand that funeral planning is tough work. To speak with a caring and dedicated funeral director about the full range of services we offer, call (773) 846-6567!

Planning a Funeral: Funeral Directors Responsibilities & Family Responsibilities


Planning the funeral of a loved one can be a difficult undertaking. To help make the funeral planning process easier on a grieving family, responsibilities are spread between funeral directors and family members of the deceased.

What are a Funeral Director’s Funeral Planning Responsibilities?

In order to minimize the stress a family is under throughout the process, a dedicated funeral director seeks to help out with the funeral planning process in any way that he or she can. These tasks include:

  • Arranging transport of the deceased’s body from place of death to funeral home.
  • Procuring the signature of a coroner, medical examiner, or physician who is authorized to sign a death certificate.
  • Filing and garnering certified copies of the death certificate.
  • Completing accounting and other financial paperwork.
  • Ensuring that all local, state, and federal regulations are adhered to throughout the funeral planning process.

What are a Family’s Funeral Planning Responsibilities?

Diffusion of responsibility makes the funeral planning process easier on a grieving family. However, there are a number of tasks that family members are legally required to perform. There are also a handful of responsibilities that it makes more sense to leave up to a family’s discretion. These include:

  • Notifying other family members, friends, and colleagues of a loved one’s passing.
  • Assessing a loved one’s finances and reviewing his or her will, trusts, etc.
  • Filling out social security paperwork.
  • Securing government-guaranteed or private insurance benefits.

Are you looking for a Chicago-area funeral director who can remove as much stress and difficulty from the funeral planning process as possible? At Leak & Sons Funeral Homes, you can find a knowledgeable and experienced funeral director who will keep your responsibilities while planning a loved one’s funeral to a minimum. To find out more about the full range of services we provide and the ways in which our funeral directors can help you, call (773) 846-6567!

Learn More About Funeral and Memorial Services

Memorial Candles

Planning a funeral or memorial service can be a bit overwhelming, especially after the loss of a loved one. Use these links to learn important information about end-of-life services and planning memorials.Contact Leak & Sons Funeral Homes to plan a funeral or memorial service to honor the memory of your loved one. You can reach us at (773) 846-6567.

  • A funeral director is instrumental in organizing end-of-life services and taking some of the logistical burden off of the family. Find out more about a funeral director’s responsibilities by following this link.
  • Many families choose to create a memorial service focused on celebrating the life the loved one they lost. If you’re looking for some memorial service planning tips and ideas, check out the information linked here.
  • There are special ways to remember loved ones during and after a memorial service. Consider some of the suggestions listed in this link for remembering your loved one.
  • Grieving is a complicated and personal process. Funerals and memorials are often one of the first steps in this process. WebMD has this article on the major stages of grieving.
  • Funeral services and death in general can be hard to explain to a child. Learn how to explain death to a child by reading this article from KidsHealth.org.

The Role of a Memorial Service in the Grieving Process

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Your grieving process will be unique to you, as no two people cope with grief in exactly the same way. However, there are some stages that many bereaved individuals share. These common grief experiences include full realization of the loss, the need to express grief to others, and the adjustment to a life without the departed person. Here’s how a memorial service fits into these grieving processes.

Accepting Feelings of Loss

A funeral or memorial service may help you accept the reality of your loss, especially if the death was sudden or unexpected. For some, it takes a short time to absorb the fact that the person is now gone. For others, a state of shock or numbness may be preventing total realization of the loss. Seeing those touched by the departed’s life come together and discuss the loss can assure you that you are not experiencing the complicated grieving process alone.

Sharing and Expressing Grief

You may feel like isolating yourself physically and emotionally from others while grieving. While it’s perfectly fine to want to be alone, many bereaved benefit from an opportunity to express grief openly. At a memorial service, mourners might express emotions through speeches, written message in a memorial book, songs, works of art, or whatever else the planner of the service thinks appropriate to pay homage to the deceased person.

Honoring the Life of a Loved One

A memorial service allows you and others coping with a loss to celebrate that person’s life as a group. In doing so, you strengthen bonds and connect to others experiencing grief. These intimate interactions can expand the available support network for mourners in the months and years following the loss.

Leak & Sons Funeral Homes is committed to providing dignified and memorable services for your departed loved one. With compassion and professionalism, we assist families in designing customized memorial services. If you have any questions about our end-of-life services, please give us a call at (773) 846-6567.

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