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Traditional and Personalized Funeral Options in Chicago

When you're grieving for a lost loved one, you may feel like you're in no condition to plan a funeral. However, organizing a respectful memorial service is an excellent way to honor your deceased loved one and help the other survivors come to terms with the loss. The professionals at Leak & Sons Funeral Homes understand grief, and we will do everything we can to help you make the appropriate funeral arrangements. Whether you're looking for traditional memorialization, personalized memorialization, or a combination of the two, we're the right Chicago funeral home to call.

Traditional Funeral Options

Funerals have been a part of human life and death since time immemorial. Through the eons, Western cultures have adopted a number of traditional funeral practices.

  • Religious Service: If your loved one belonged to a particular religious tradition, you might choose to hold the funeral service at a house of worship. Depending on your loved one's faith, the service itself may include readings from a holy text and other traditional rites.
  • Graveside Service: Some people find comfort in seeing their loved one laid to rest in their final resting place. It’s common to organize a graveside service instead of or in addition to a traditional funeral service.
  • Traditional Burial: People have been burying their lost loved ones for centuries. Purchasing a casket, a burial plot, and a headstone is a time-honored tradition, and a fine way to say goodbye to a loved one.

Personalized Funeral Options

A funeral should honor the deceased in a manner that would suit his or her personality. That's why we encourage our clients to personalize their memorialization wherever possible.

  • Custom Celebration of Life: If a church funeral service isn't your loved one's style, you might consider having a more personal celebration of life. You could hold the service at your house, or perhaps your loved one's favorite outdoor spot.
  • Unique Funeral Urn: If you decide to cremate your deceased loved one, you'll have many possible options for the remains. You could place the cremated remains in a unique decorative urn, for example, and place that urn in a place of honor in your home.
  • Memorial Monument: You can say farewell to a loved one in the traditional way while adding some personal touches. For example, you could honor your loved one with a memorial bench, pedestal, or mausoleum.

Leak & Sons Funeral Homes has been providing a wide range of respectful funeral services since 1933. If you are looking for an appropriate way to honor a deceased loved one, call our Chicago funeral home at (773) 846-6567.