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Proper Funeral Etiquette

Funeral services are often quiet, reflective times for family and friends coping with loss and grief. Today, funerals may focus on memorialization and sharing beloved memories, as well as include religious ceremonies and services.

This video offers a few etiquette tips to follow when attending a funeral. During a funeral, following the same behavior and etiquette that you would use during a church service is often most appropriate. Taking your cues from the family and remembering that your presence is meant to show support and respect can also offer behavioral guidance.

Personalized funerals allow family and friends to commemorate the life of a loved one in many ways. You can reach Leak & Sons Funeral Homes by phone at (773) 846-6567 for details about our funeral home and funeral services in Chicago, IL. We also encourage you to click through our website and blog for grief support and funeral planning information.

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