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A Look at the Stages of Grief

After losing a loved one, it is completely natural to have a hard time coping with your grief. As you begin making funeral arrangements, you should also seek out grief support services from a counselor in your area. Here is a look at the five stages of grief that most people experience after losing a loved one.

Denial and Isolation

People who are coping with loss do not necessarily go through all five stages of grief, and may experience one or more of the stages out of order. Typically, however, the first feeling that one experiences when learning about the loss of a loved one is denial. You may not believe that your loved one has passed away, especially if the death was sudden. You may also isolate yourself, refusing grief support from friends and family, and instead trying to cope with grief on your own.

Anger and Bargaining

The next stage of grief is generally anger. Once you accept the reality that your loved one is gone, you may feel angry with him for dying, angry with yourself, or angry with anyone else who seems happy while you are coping with loss. Attending a grief support group can help you work through your anger. The next stage of grief is often a bargaining stage. You may think that you can bargain with a higher power to bring your loved one back to you.

Depression and Acceptance

Depression is a very common reaction to losing a loved one. This depression may become more acute as you arrange funeral services and pick out a casket. Making funeral arrangements can also help you reach the last stage of grief, which is acceptance. During this stage, you fully accept that your loved one is gone, and you may feel a sense of calm.

If you’re in need of grief support near Chicago, IL, after losing a loved one, come see us at Leak and Sons Funeral Homes. Our compassionate staff can assist you in all aspects of planning a personalized funeral for your loved one, and can provide grief support resources for you and your family. To learn more about our funeral home and funeral services, call us today at (773) 846-6567.


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