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How to Choose a Casket for a Loved One

A casket is the rectangular box in which a body is laid before it is buried. In some cases, open casket visitation allows family and friends to view the deceased prior to burial; the casket may also be present during the funeral services before it is transported to the final resting site. Today, there are a wide variety of casket styles available, allowing families to choose the casket that best suits their personal preferences and budget when planning a funeral service.

Consider Both Features and Price

A casket may be simple or ornate, depending on your preferences and the personality of your loved one. There are many types of caskets available at a range of price points, allowing families to choose a casket that is suitable both in style and cost. Asking your funeral home for a list of prices can help you get started, as well as discussing your preferences and any desires your loved one may have had. Your funeral director can help you find the right balance to ensure you are satisfied with the casket choice you make.

Keep Looking Until You Find the Right One

Your loved one’s casket should be a reflection of their lifestyle, their values, and their personality. Funeral homes often only store a limited number of sample caskets onsite, so don’t be afraid to ask to see a catalog for more styles or options if you don’t find one you like. If you do see a casket you like but want to consider alternate colors or further options, your funeral director can provide this information as well to ensure you find exactly the right match.

Choosing a casket for a loved one is the first step in planning a personalized funeral that memorializes their unique character. At Leak & Sons Funeral Homes, we will work with you to find the casket and design the funeral services that best memorialize your loved one. You can learn more about our funeral home in Chicago, IL, and the funeral services we offer on the web or by calling (773) 846-6567.


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