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    Kind and thoughtful words from a past client of ours..."Leak and Sons are the best."

    Last updated 2 months ago

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    • Leak and Sons are the best. My father passed in 1984, my mother in 2002 and my sister in 2014 and I must say, well done to Leak and Sons, My love ones looked as if they were only sleeping, the makeup was perfect. This is my first time providing a review, I felt that everyone should know how well Leak and Sons took care of my sister's remains... More


    What Information Should Be In an Obituary?

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Some newspapers allow space for a death notice, while others give friends and family members the opportunity to write a full obituary. The way that you write a death notice or an obituary depends largely on the individual you plan to memorialize.

    You should always include the name of the deceased as well as the date of their death. It is also customary to include the name of survivors in the obituary. List details of the funeral ceremony as well as a few personal details about the deceased. Watch this video to learn more.

    Leak & Sons Funeral Homes offers traditional funeral and cremation services to help you and your loved ones move on after a death. To learn more about our funeral home and services, visit us on the Web or call (877) 265-0352.

    Talking to Your Kids About Losing a Grandparent

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Most children do not have first-hand experience with death, and losing a loved one is a strange and uncomfortable experience for a child that might lead to a period of confusion. Use the following tips to talk to your children about losing one of their grandparents.

    Be Honest with Your Children

    Trying to pretend that everything is normal when it clearly is not can confuse your kids more than necessary. It is important to be open and honest with your kids throughout this difficult period so they can start to understand what happened. Children are often more observant than adults realize, which is why it is so important for them to hear about the situation from you.

    Explain That the Death Is No One’s Fault

    Children have a tendency to put blame on themselves even when they do not deserve it, so it is imperative that you tell your kids that their grandparent’s death was not their fault. Whether you want to get into a discussion about what happens when someone dies or just scratch the surface by explaining that your child had no part in the death, this is an important conversation for each of you to have.

    Show Them It Is Okay to Feel Sad

    Losing a loved one is a difficult situation for anyone. It is important that you make your children feel comfortable expressing whatever emotion they feel during this sad period. Show them that it is okay to feel sad and angry as long as they let these emotions out in a safe manner.

    Leak & Sons Funeral Homes is one of Chicago’s top full-service funeral homes. From traditional funeral services to cremation services, we do everything we can to help you and your family through this difficult time in your life. To learn more about our available funeral services, visit us on the Web or call (877) 265-0352. 

    Advice for Supporting a Grieving Friend

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Even if you have endured the loss of a loved one, it can be difficult to support a bereaved friend. Each person’s experience of grief and loss is unique. However, your friend is likely to appreciate your emotional and practical support during the funeral planning process and beyond.

    Offer Non-Judgmental Support

    You and your friend may come from different backgrounds and share different beliefs. Offer emotional support to your friend without imposing your own beliefs on him or her. For example, if your friend is not religious, it’s best to avoid saying something like, “Mary is with God now.” It’s also a good idea to acknowledge the gravity of your friend’s emotions without inadvertently judging them. For example, you might say, “I know how much you cared for John,” rather than, “In time you’ll be able to move on.” Likewise, support your friend’s customs with regard to the funeral service and burial or cremation, even if they are choices you would not have made.

    Provide Practical Assistance

    After a loss, many people find it difficult to carry out day-to-day tasks. Your friend might appreciate an offer to accompany him or her to the funeral home to make the final arrangements. You can also provide support for your friend by offering to run errands, prepare meals, or provide childcare. If you’re unsure of what your friend needs, tell him or her that you’d be glad to help in any way you can.

    Extend Thoughtful Invitations

    Your friend may still struggle with grief long after support from other friends and family members has faded away. Offer your ongoing support by checking in with your friend periodically to ask how he or she is doing. Extend invitations to activities when your friend is ready to participate in social events. Remember important dates, such as the deceased’s birthday, and extend an invitation to your friend during those days.

    At Leak & Sons Funeral Homes, we provide traditional and custom funeral services to meet the needs of families from all different backgrounds. The professionals at our funeral home would be glad to direct you to grief support services, including national and local support groups. Chicago-area families can reach out to our funeral home by calling (877) 265-0352 or visiting us online.

    How to Deliver a Meaningful Eulogy

    Last updated 3 months ago

    A eulogy is a spoken remembrance of a loved one at the funeral service. Often, family members or friends are asked in advance to deliver a eulogy at the funeral. Sometimes, those in attendance will be asked if anyone would like to step forward and share a few words about the deceased. If you know ahead of time that you will be delivering a eulogy, spend some time reflecting upon your memories of your loved one, write an outline and notes, and practice speaking before the funeral.

    Determine Your Focus

    Typically, each family member and friend who wishes to say a few words will be given three to five minutes to speak. Focus your eulogy on a few key traits of your loved one. You can state a short list of your favorite qualities or traits about your loved one. Try to think of some personality quirks to share. For example, rather than saying, “John was a very kind man,” you might say something like, “John never passed a homeless person without distributing a few dollars and some kind words.” Or, you may wish to share a story about the time the two of you spent together. It’s alright to share a humorous story about the loved one at the funeral service, despite the solemn nature of the event. Write an outline or notes of what you wish to say to guide you during the delivery.

    Practice Delivering It

    It can be difficult to speak about a loved one who has passed. You might find it easier if you practice delivering the eulogy in private a few times. You can practice looking up from your notes occasionally while you speak.

    Speak at an Even Pace

    There’s no shame is getting choked up occasionally as you speak. Try to maintain an even pace, insert pauses in your speech, and give yourself time to breathe instead of rushing through the eulogy.

    Leak & Sons Funeral Homes of Chicago is a full-service funeral home that specializes in pre-need arrangements, obituary support, aftercare, and many other end-of-life services. Our compassionate professionals are dedicated to helping family members bid their loved ones farewell in a dignified and respectful manner. Please contact our funeral homes at (877) 265-0352 and let us know how we can help you during this difficult time.

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