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A Look at the Stages of Grief

After losing a loved one, it is completely natural to have a hard time coping with your grief. As you begin making funeral arrangements, you should also seek out grief support services from a counselor in your area. Here is a look at the five stages of grief that most people experience after losing a loved one.

Denial and Isolation

People who are coping with loss do not necessarily go through all five stages of grief, and may experience one or more of the stages out of order. Typically, however, the first feeling that one experiences when learning about the loss of a loved one is denial. You may not believe that your loved one has passed away, especially if the death was sudden. You may also isolate yourself, refusing grief support from friends and family, and instead trying to cope with grief on your own.

Anger and Bargaining

The next stage of grief is generally anger. Once you accept the reality that your loved one is gone, you may feel angry with him for dying, angry with yourself, or angry with anyone else who seems happy while you are coping with loss. Attending a grief support group can help you work through your anger. The next stage of grief is often a bargaining stage. You may think that you can bargain with a higher power to bring your loved one back to you.

Depression and Acceptance

Depression is a very common reaction to losing a loved one. This depression may become more acute as you arrange funeral services and pick out a casket. Making funeral arrangements can also help you reach the last stage of grief, which is acceptance. During this stage, you fully accept that your loved one is gone, and you may feel a sense of calm.

If you’re in need of grief support near Chicago, IL, after losing a loved one, come see us at Leak and Sons Funeral Homes. Our compassionate staff can assist you in all aspects of planning a personalized funeral for your loved one, and can provide grief support resources for you and your family. To learn more about our funeral home and funeral services, call us today at (773) 846-6567.

Reasons to Attend a Grief Support Group

Losing a loved one is often a difficult experience. Once funeral services have been completed, you may still have trouble returning to your daily schedule while coping with grief or loss. Grieving is a personal process with no set time limit; many people continue to feel grief and struggle with coping long after a loved one has passed away. Grief support groups provide a safe and supportive atmosphere after a loved one dies, especially in the weeks and months that follow. Attending a grief support group gives you the opportunity to speak about and explore your feelings with others who have also suffered a similar loss, allowing the community created by the group to offer help and encouragement as you grieve. Grief support groups can provide you with the companionship and understanding you need while allowing you to work through the grieving and acceptance process at your own pace.

Leak & Sons Funeral Homes is here to provide the personalized funeral your loved one deserves. We encourage you to look into the grief support information we offer on our website, where you can also learn about our family, our funeral home, and our funeral services in Chicago, IL.

Proper Funeral Etiquette

Funeral services are often quiet, reflective times for family and friends coping with loss and grief. Today, funerals may focus on memorialization and sharing beloved memories, as well as include religious ceremonies and services.

This video offers a few etiquette tips to follow when attending a funeral. During a funeral, following the same behavior and etiquette that you would use during a church service is often most appropriate. Taking your cues from the family and remembering that your presence is meant to show support and respect can also offer behavioral guidance.

Personalized funerals allow family and friends to commemorate the life of a loved one in many ways. You can reach Leak & Sons Funeral Homes by phone at (773) 846-6567 for details about our funeral home and funeral services in Chicago, IL. We also encourage you to click through our website and blog for grief support and funeral planning information.

What to Consider During Funeral Pre-Planning

Pre-planning your funeral arrangements allows you to ensure your family knows exactly the type of service you would like. Funeral pre-planning also allows you to pay ahead of time for your funeral services to reduce the financial burden placed on your family after your death. During the funeral pre-planning process, there are several important factors to consider as you determine the funeral arrangements that suit your preferences and your needs.

Choosing Burial vs. Cremation

One of the first choices you’ll need to make when pre-planning your funeral is whether you’d prefer traditional burial or cremation. Keep in mind that even if you would like to be cremated, your remains can still be interred in a grave if you wish. If you do opt for burial, you’ll need to purchase a casket and burial plot, as well as a grave marker of your choosing. Cremated remains may alternatively be stored in an urn with your family or in a columbarium.

Choosing Your Payment Options

Funeral homes often offer several different options that allow you to pre-pay for all or part of your funeral in a way that suits your current and future financial comfort. You may opt to make some purchases outright, or enroll in a pre-payment plan that you’ll pay down over time via installments. Regardless of how much you opt to pay ahead of time and the manner in which you pre-pay for funeral services, it’s beneficial to keep records in a location that is accessible by at least one designated family member so they will have this information, as well as the information about the funeral arrangements you’ve made, upon your death.

Pre-planning funeral arrangements can be a wonderful last gift to a family coping with loss. If you’d like to find out more about funeral services in Chicago, IL, please contact Leak & Sons Funeral Homes today by calling (773) 846-6567. You can also find further information about our funeral home when you visit our website.

How to Choose a Casket for a Loved One

A casket is the rectangular box in which a body is laid before it is buried. In some cases, open casket visitation allows family and friends to view the deceased prior to burial; the casket may also be present during the funeral services before it is transported to the final resting site. Today, there are a wide variety of casket styles available, allowing families to choose the casket that best suits their personal preferences and budget when planning a funeral service.

Consider Both Features and Price

A casket may be simple or ornate, depending on your preferences and the personality of your loved one. There are many types of caskets available at a range of price points, allowing families to choose a casket that is suitable both in style and cost. Asking your funeral home for a list of prices can help you get started, as well as discussing your preferences and any desires your loved one may have had. Your funeral director can help you find the right balance to ensure you are satisfied with the casket choice you make.

Keep Looking Until You Find the Right One

Your loved one’s casket should be a reflection of their lifestyle, their values, and their personality. Funeral homes often only store a limited number of sample caskets onsite, so don’t be afraid to ask to see a catalog for more styles or options if you don’t find one you like. If you do see a casket you like but want to consider alternate colors or further options, your funeral director can provide this information as well to ensure you find exactly the right match.

Choosing a casket for a loved one is the first step in planning a personalized funeral that memorializes their unique character. At Leak & Sons Funeral Homes, we will work with you to find the casket and design the funeral services that best memorialize your loved one. You can learn more about our funeral home in Chicago, IL, and the funeral services we offer on the web or by calling (773) 846-6567.

Should You Include Music Selections in Your Funeral Pre-Plan?

There are a number of different decisions to make when pre-planning funeral arrangements, from choosing pallbearers to deciding if you want burial or cremation. When it comes to elements that make a funeral more personal, like music, should you leave instructions or allow your loved ones to make the decisions for you?

Generally, when you are pre-planing a funeral, your loved ones will appreciate you making as many of the decisions as you can, so they can feel comfortable knowing that they are honoring your wishes. By choosing your own music, not only do you take that stress off of their plates, but they will also enjoy hearing the songs that you selected and knowing that they meant something special to you.

Let the team at Leak & Sons Funeral Homes help guide you through the process of pre-planning funeral arrangements in Chicago, IL. Start the process today by calling us at (773) 846-6567.

Creating a Sympathy Floral Arrangement

Flowers can be a beautiful tribute to a lost loved one and a sign of your support to his or her close family and friends. Floral arrangements can be used at the funeral home to decorate the space during viewings and funeral services.

Watch this video to learn about building a floral arrangement using white flowers. White flowers, particularly lilies, are traditional for funerals and offer a memorable way to pay your respects.

When you need help with funeral arrangements, please call Leak & Sons Funeral Homes. Our funeral home in Chicago offers funeral planning support and help coping with loss and guilt after losing a loved one. Contact us today at (773) 846-6567.

Understanding the Benefits of a Pre-Funeral Public Viewing

It is traditional in the U.S. for most people to include a viewing in their funeral services. These viewings, or wakes, as they are sometimes called, are usually held at the funeral for one or more days before the actual funeral services are held. Although viewings are not required, most families find them to be beneficial for a number of different reasons, including these listed here.

Paying Last Respects

For many people, a viewing is an opportunity to pay last respects to the deceased. This may be an opportunity for family members and friends who didn’t get a chance to say goodbye after the deceased suffered a long illness, or if the death was sudden, everyone may be looking for closure. During the viewing, loved ones get an opportunity to see the person who has passed one last time and say the things that they want to say before the funeral service.

Connecting with Family and Friends

Viewings give family and friends an opportunity to come together before the funeral service to offer support to each other. For people who are coming to the funeral from out of town, the viewing is usually the first place they get to see their family and friends and connect with each other. Because there are few opportunities to talk during funeral services, friends and family often take advantage of the viewing to catch up with each other and reminisce about their loved one.

Coping with the Loss

The viewing is where many people begin to cope with loss after losing a loved one. Not only do they get the chance to say goodbye, but they are also surrounded by their circle of friends and family who are also affected by the loss. Many people find an important network of support at the viewing.

Leak & Sons Funeral Homes can help you make the right decisions about viewings and other ways to personalize a funeral service for your loved one. We also offer pre-planning for funeral services in Chicago, IL. For help with pre-planning or making funeral arrangement for a loved one, call (773) 846-6567.

Etiquette Tips for Attending the Funeral of a Colleague

When it comes to the funeral of someone you have only a professional connection to, it’s natural to wonder what the proper etiquette is. Many people struggle to decide how to acknowledge the passing of a co-worker or acquaintance when they weren’t especially close to the person. If you are facing the funeral service of a colleague, keep these etiquette tips in mind.

Go to the Service

Unless the family has expressly requested that only people they invite attend the funeral, you should feel welcome to attend the service. Your presence at the funeral service, even if the family doesn’t know you, gives them comfort, as they see how many people want to honor their lost loved one. After losing a loved one, seeing as many supportive faces as possible helps to ease the suffering of the family of the deceased, so do attend the service if you can.

Check with the Funeral Home

The funeral home can usually provide you with answers to any questions you may have about the service. For instance, if the family has requested a specific dress code or if they prefer donations rather than flowers, the funeral home can advise you. They can also give you information about the funeral schedule and other details you need but don’t wish to ask the family directly.

Offer Condolences

During a funeral, the seating in the front is usually reserved for family and close friends, so take a seat in the back to allow them ample room. You should also let family and friends exit first and help themselves to food and drinks first at any post-funeral reception. However, don’t be afraid to step forward to introduce yourself and offer condolences. The family will appreciate knowing about the connection you had with their loved one.

Leak & Sons Funeral Homes is here to answer any questions you have about attending a service at our funeral home in Chicago, IL. We can also provide help with pre-planning funeral arrangements and other services in your time of need. To learn more, please call (773) 848-6567.

How to Request Donations in Lieu of Flowers

Both individuals and groups often wish to send a token of their support and sympathy for family members coping with grief. While this token is traditionally flowers, many families today wish to make a donation to a charitable cause in their loved one’s name instead to create a lasting tribute to the deceased. If you would like to request donations in lieu of flowers, talk to your funeral home about this request, which can be put into your loved one’s obituary. Your request may include one or more charities that you wish to support or that your loved one may have supported during his lifetime. While mourners will often send donations directly to the charities you’ve requested, you may also receive checks in sympathy cards, which you can then donate to a charity of your choosing in your loved one’s name.

At Leak & Sons Funeral Homes, our goal is to help your family navigate the decisions and options associated with funeral services and funeral arrangements in Chicago, IL. Whether you need help arranging funeral services after losing a loved one or would like to discuss pre-planning funeral arrangements, please visit us online or call (773) 846-6567.

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